Useful links to understanding HAES and Fat Acceptance

I’m not sure I would have discovered HAES (Health At Every Size), Fat Acceptance and Fatshion without Twitter. I’m so incredibly grateful that I did.

For the past ten years, since being on Twitter, I’ve done a lot of reading, (unfortunately) only a small amount of talking, but a whole lot of thinking about the way that I understand fatness and my body.

I’ve written before on my personal blog about my relationship with my body, and while I still struggle every day, I have moved so far beyond the body hatred and loathing I grew up with. I even now do things like swim without an oversized shirt IN PUBLIC!! (OMG) despite me being the fattest I’ve never been (possibly only exceeded by my weight at the 9th month of my fourth pregnancy.)

I’ve learned to 100% embrace the notion that weight loss is NOT an end goal in itself. That being fat doesn’t mean that I’m lazy, slovenly, ill-disciplined, unworthy and something/someone to be shamed.

I’m such a newbie to the world of fat acceptance. I’ve been reframing my thinking about it but only in private for nearly a decade. Like a coward (?) I’ve stalked, but have only just dipped my toes into publicly being happy AND fat.

I suspect that not everyone who has joined our the Fat Girls Hiking BNE / Fat Adventurers group this month understands what the broader FA movement is about. I thought I’d share some essential reading on the topic to help understand the approach the SweetFA community will take.

There are thousands of more articles, that I’ll keep adding as I find them.

Thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure. I’m looking forward to getting out and seeing more of South East Queensland, and further abroad as the journey takes us.

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