Fat Adventurers Brisbane was inspired by Fat Girls Hiking, a US-based diverse body positive hiking group (Find @fatgirlshiking on Instagram, Facebook and at their website). 

This group will follow similar principles of the FGH:

“We want to take the shame & stigma out of the word FAT & empower it. Our motto, Trails Not Scales is to focus on self love in the outdoors instead of weight loss. Trails Not Scales reminds us that the more we hike, the more love we have for ourselves & our bodies just as they are. We want all people to feel comfortable outdoors & to be able to claim their space on the trail. We know that bodies of all shapes & sizes are capable of anything. Our community is for those folks who have felt like they didn’t fit the typical hiker mold. We encourage & support folks who want to get outdoors, to do so!”

What does that mean? 

Trails Not Scales = NO DIET TALK!!


Any questions? Not clear on what fat shaming is? I’ll try to share more articles about it over time.  Read the links.

We also support slow walking, photo-taking along the trails, and kids. 

I originally called the group Fat Girls Hiking after the US group, but have changed it to Fat Adventurers! to reflect that we’re not just into hiking, but also swimming, camping, running, climbing, and maybe even DANCING!

Thanks for joining and happy adventuring.