Five Fat Finds #3

This week on the webz …

  1. The mind-boggling bullshit of health and fitness by Nia Shanks – more on the general health industry and the carpet baggers flogging often dangerous methods.
  2. Two photos that show what thin privilege looks like, on Indy100 – the photos speak for themselves.
  3. Body Shaming – yes, even at Yoga Class by Kimberley Dark – again! you can’t see a person’s fitness or ability just by looking at them.
  4. 4 Hydration Packs to keep you moving by Krista H on Born to Reign Athletics – hydration packs for plus sizes.
  5. Quote by Louise Green, Big Fit Girl on Instagram – “Over the past 15 years I’ve undergone a radical, life changing transformation that included losing zero pounds”

Happy reading …

Cheers, Leesa

Five Fat Finds #2

From around the webz this week …

  1. Losing it in the anti-dieting age by Taffy Brodesser-Akner in New York Times Magazine – touches on how dieting for weight loss has been replaced with the “health” imperative.
  2. We must stop making these mistakes about Body Positivity by Ragen Chastain on Ravishly – for me, explains clearly the way that the shift from weight loss goals to “health” is not unproblematic. This quote: “Health is a complicated and multi-faceted concept, and it can change at any time. That’s why it’s important that we have the chance to love and appreciate our bodies regardless of health status.
  3. This Target ad totally nails what it means to be an athlete. And yeah, it’s not a big deal on Upworthy. It’s nice when corporates work harder to get better at representation.
  4. This Girl Can sports campaign for women coming to Australia after going viral in the UK on ABC News – I love this ad. I sometimes watch it after training. Love your jiggly bits!!!
  5. (On Facebook) A Superfit Hero shorts review on the Superfit Hero Facebook page – am hoping to pick up a pair of these soon.

Enjoy …

Cheers, leesa

Five Fat Finds #1

For many of us transforming the way that we understand our bodies takes a lot of work. Thank goodness for the internet – it’s all at the end of a click. I’m aiming to share 5 new links each week.

  1. Living in between fat and thin by Lauren Bride on The Walrus – if you haven’t read Roxanne Gay’s Hunger, you will definitely want to after reading this essay.
  2. David Jones under fire for apologising to fan who posted controversial Facebook post by Jenna Clark on Sydney Morning Herald – not specifically about ‘fat’, but definitely about ‘the body’ from the perspective of race and body and representation diversity.
  3. Dear Fitness Professionals: You cannot help POC with fitness and wellness while remaining silent on racism by Chrissy King – again, we look at the race and body. Inseparable.
  4. (On Facebook) The No-Diet Notebook’s share of a post by Love Your Body Project: Pace, Love and Food – I love the idea of a non-scale victory, reinforcing the idea that loving your body is not about changing your size or shape. Here is the quote from the image: “Most people assume that the whole point of working out in the first place is to get leaner or thinner. This is not always the case, nor does it need to be. It’s okay to exercise for reasons other than changing body composition or weight.”
  5. She let Go (Poem) by Rev. Safire Rose on Elephant Journal – a lovely piece reminding us that it’s okay to just let it go.

Hope you enjoy these Five Fat Finds.

Cheers, Leesa